Good Trouble season 2 episode 4 video: Davia’s mom causes more pain

Good Trouble season 2 episode 4Sometimes, family can be loving, caring, and supportive. At other points, they serve as a source of pain and re-opening wounds of the past. On Good Trouble season 2 episode 4, we could be seeing more of the latter than the former due to the arrival of Davia’s mother into the picture. While we don’t get a lot of her within the trailer (CarterMatt has that for you to check out below), one thing seems to be clear: She’s obsessed with making much of the conversation around her daughter about her weight. She brings it up to her when it comes to others in her life and creates awkward situations where there aren’t any.

More than anything, Davia’s gone from being someone comfortable in her own skin to someone who’s now left to question everything.

There are downsides that come with living in a city like Los Angeles, mostly when it comes to dealing with the high cost of living, the dense population, and the struggle to be noticed in a sea of faces. Yet, for many, Los Angeles is a sanctuary (us included, we love living here!). Because of the population, you can find like-minded people where there wouldn’t be any in some other parts of the country. For Davia, there’s a sense of peace there and it’s what makes the Coterie so important. The people who live there can feel like they have friends and allies, no matter what they go through … or at least it should be. There have been disagreements and there will continue to be disagreements, but we think that what matters most is that these people find a way to be there for each other in both the good and bad times.

Will Davia be able to get through some of the problems that she’s having with her mother? We think that she will get there eventually, but by no means is it going to be easy. She’s going to have to deal in the interim with all of the struggles that you would expect when someone makes you feel like you are a kid again, insecure and unknowing if you’ll ever truly feel loved. Hopefully, there are better things coming following this shot of pain.

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