Big Little Lies season 2 spoilers: A look at the final episodes

Big Little Lies season 2There are three episodes left of Big Little Lies season 2, but thanks to HBO we’ve got a good sense of how things are going to be winding down.

With Mary Louise and Celeste, tension is already at an all time high. We’re coming off of the slap heard around the world and entering Sunday’s episode 5 (entitled “Kill Me”), it seems like Meryl Streep’s character is out to take her kids away from her. She’s coming into this with the argument of “needing to do what’s right for the children,” but it’s just as much a punishment as anything. She wants to make Celeste feel small, insignificant, and like she is a terrible mother. She wants to hurt her even though it is Perry who did all of the hurting while he was alive. Seeing Celeste endure all of this is going to bring her to the brink.

As we approach the final episodes of the season, we imagine that things are only going to get tougher. Check out some details for the final two episodes that CarterMatt has for you below.

Season 2 episode 6, “The Bad Mother” (airing July 14) – “Celeste (Nicole Kidman) is blindsided by Mary Louise (Meryl Streep). Gordon (Jeffrey Nordling) continues to disappoint Renata (Laura Dern). Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz) contemplates a solution to her mother’s suffering and her own ongoing guilt. Ed (Adam Scott) entertains an unusual proposition before catching Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) in an unguarded moment. The Monterey Five feel the pressure of increased scrutiny of Perry’s death.”

Season 2 episode 7, “I Want to Know” (airing July 21) – “Celeste (Nicole Kidman) questions Mary Louise (Meryl Streep) about a tragic event from Perry’s childhood; Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) worries their lie is tearing the Monterey Five apart.”

What you could see in the final episodes of this season is a reminder that monsters are not made instantaneously. They are born out of circumstance and of things that happen across years. It’s possible that Perry’s actions were born more out of what Mary Louise or someone else did to him at an early age. Understanding him better is also understanding how Mary Louise could crack this entire world right open.

By the end of the season, it’s possible that the secret does get blown right open. If that happens, the question then becomes whether or not one of the five takes the fall or if they all go down collectively.

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