Is Siren new tonight on Freeform? What to prepare for

Siren - FreeformIs Siren new tonight on Freeform? After a recent two-hour spectacular, the series has built up a good bit of hype towards whatever is going to be coming up next for Ryn, Ben and Maddie.

Now, here’s the less-than-fortunate news: You won’t see what’s next tonight. Because of today being the July 4th holiday, we’re not going to see Siren back on the air. Freeform is taking the week off, and in some ways you can claim that the two-hour spectacular we just got was a way to compensate for the fact that you’re not going to have another new episode tonight. That means having to wait for whatever lies ahead in Bristol Cove and there is a lot going on here in between Nicole spying on Ben, Maddie and Ryn and what Helen is uncovering about her parents.

If you missed some of the details we’ve already posted in regards to the next new episode of Siren, they go a little bit like this: It’s mermaid mating season and with the population dwindling, that is putting so much additional pressure on Ryn. In between what’s happening with her and the situation that the hybrids are facing, what we are looking at here is a situation where so many familiar characters are going to be on edge.

It may not be the easiest thing to think about, but we’re not too far away from the second season being done — think in terms of just four episodes left! There’s a lot left to cover within that time. We can’t imagine Siren running without mermaids so there could be some glimmer of hope for them within these final episodes — but also some sort of added roadblock to keep things exciting. If mermaids are ever completely safe around Bristol Cove, there isn’t all that much of a show. The balancing act will come via finding a way for these characters to still have some happiness but also face new challenges like we’ve seen with the over fishing of the oceans as well as the oil drilling.

If you haven’t seen the Siren season 2 episode 13 promo yet, we’ve included that at the bottom of this article. Rest assured, we’ll be coming back with more news as we get closer to this episode airing.

What do you want to see on Siren moving forward, and are you sad that the show is not airing a new episode tonight? Be sure to share in the comments, and come back soon for some other news. (Photo: Freeform.)

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