Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Kathryn the mole; more plotting (day 16)

Kathryn DunnHappy Fourth of July to everyone within the Big Brother 21 house (and of course to our readers if you are celebrating!). The past 12 hours have been eventful, as we’ve had a chance to learn a little more about who David is and also how Ovi is handling being back in the game.

Also, there is some fun in watching just how paranoid certain people are. Kathryn is one of the game’s strangest players — in a lot of ways she’s completely clueless, but there’s value to her being a part of this season because she’s such an unstable element. Jackson seems interested in cutting her off as quickly as possible as he wants to be closer to Holly, but he really can’t. It’s an alliance that he is basically forced himself to have because of hooking up with her earlier in the game. Maybe this should be a lesson to not do that so early, Jackson!

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Last night, Kat did have a mission as she was told to get closer to David, almost as a mole to figure out just how much he really knows. Kat’s had this theory that maybe David saw the live feeds, but we don’t really get the sense that this is true. He’s just perceptive and he’s really good at being able to read the room and see some of what’s going on around him. He was able to detect some people (like Jackson and Jack) being close. While no one is making deals with him just yet to be a part of the season, Cliff and him have had a conversation this morning going through the current state of the game and how David should take his time to feel people out.

As for Ovi, there are a number of players who have already broke the don’t-talk-game-with-him rule established last night by Jack. Tommy towed the line with it, suggesting to him that not everyone was being honest with him but not going so far as to dish out all of the details. Ovi is staying close with Nicole and Cliff; meanwhile, Jackson wants to replace Kat with Nicole as one of his top people outside of the core Gr8ful alliance (which isn’t that close, given that Nick and Bella are somewhat on the outs of it). Nick and Bella had a spat last night but they seem okay now … rinse and repeat this likely for the rest of the season, or at least however long they are there.

For now, the plan still seems to be for HoH Jack to nominate Jessica and Kemi.

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