Are You the One? season 8 episode 3 review: Are there perfect matches?

Are You the OneTonight, Are You the One? season 8 episode 3 gave us a chance to dive more into house dynamics, where certain people are, and also where they could be going.

One of the main stories at the heart of the episode was getting a chance to see how Basit was struggling with people in this house. They were having a hard time fitting in and, beyond that, also struggling to get others to embrace their identity. That means recognizing the proper pronouns or the way in which they perceive themselves.

Meanwhile, for Max, he struggled to find a way in which to open up. He hasn’t been out for most of his life and, in his hometown, he hasn’t been out at all. He has to realize that this is going to be a journey for him. Justin was interested in him, but he had to start looking elsewhere once he started to realize that there was some resistance. Everyone is there to find someone and if it’s perceived that someone is not interested or is a little hesitant, it makes sense for someone else to start to look in another direction. That doesn’t make it easy, but that’s the way that love goes sometimes. Everyone is still getting guidance and a better sense of what their future could be in relationships, but they have to continue to work through some of their internal struggles first.

Let’s get now to the match-up ceremony at the end of the episode.

Kai and Jenna – They started things off as a pair with at least some confidence, but there were some fears. Is Jenna ready and is she feeling the same way?

Basit and Jonathan – This pick was a surprise, largely because Jonathan has his attention a little more on Justin right now.

Justin and Jasmine – While Justin is still leaving Max open as a possibility, he’s not at that level just yet.

These were the three pairs that the show focused on as they hoped in order to ensure that there were at least some perfect matches in the game. They just needed one beam to avoid losing any prize money taken away. The house was able to avoid the blackout, so there was that. They only finished with two and because of that, there’s some more work that everyone has to do.

CarterMatt Verdict

What Are You the One? is bringing to the franchise this time around is incredibly compelling, mostly because you’re throwing more in here than the traditional dating mechanic. It’s also giving you a chance to watch people take on issues of identity and self-acceptance. It’s more of a reflection on life, and on people who don’t get an opportunity to stand in the spotlight typically.

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