Is Stranger Things renewed for season 4, canceled at Netflix? Current status

Stranger Things 2Leading into tomorrow’s big season 3 premiere, it makes sense to pose the following question: Is Stranger Things renewed for season 4?

When you read the largely-positive reviews that are out there already for season 3, all of them seem to suggest that we’re going to be seeing more of the franchise in some form — and for good reason. Stranger Things has shown itself to be a franchise like no other, one that generates enormous viewership and pop-culture clout. Netflix may not hand down ratings themselves, but most external measures and research reports have noted that this is one of their most popular shows. Launching season 3 on July 4 is brilliant — this is a day that may not work well for traditional television (everyone’s got their assorted Independence Day festivities), but it works extremely well for folks wanting to dive into a few episodes on a day that people have off of work.

Make no mistake — a season 4 will happen for the series. There’s been buzz about it for ages and even though nothing is confirmed as of yet, there’s little reason to be anything other than super-confident.

The larger question to wonder here is whether or not season 4 could be the final one, as Stranger Things is not the sort of franchise destined to have some incredibly long shelf life. Think about it — so much of what makes this story what it’s been is seeing these characters in this particular part of their lives. It’s celebrating their spirit and their imagination. The nostalgia is what makes this show what it is — it brings viewers back to when they were kids and lived in a world where such monsters were possible. If the kids are suddenly adults, the feeling isn’t the same.

Stranger Things was never meant to run forever. Don’t be surprised if season 4 is the final one for the series — and if it’s not, it may very well be season 5. If it goes any longer than that, we’ll start to wonder whether or not Netflix is exploiting the show’s popularity at the expense of so much of what it did well in the first place.

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What do you think the future should hold for Stranger Things? Do you want to see a season 4, or something more on the other side of it? be sure to share in the comments, and come back soon to get some other information. (Photo: Netflix.)

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