Joel McHale on ‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5, ‘Community’ season 4

On Tuesday night, Joel McHale is finally going to be making his much-anticipated debut on “Sons of Anarchy,” where he will be playing a con man named Warren who not only gets involved in the lives of SAMCRO (at least via Gemma), he is going to find himself in some serious trouble rather quickly.

So what does the star of “Community” have to say about his venture into dramatic territory? Speaking in a new interview with TV Guide, McHale explains that unlike Jeff Winger, this is not really the sort of guy who has any sort of redeemable quality that you can cling to at the end of the day:

“… He’s not necessarily brave. He’s a true con man in that he will try to get out of everything. On a scale of thieves, Warren would be way on the [d-bag] side. Whereas Robin Hood would be on the ‘Eh, I can bring that guy home and meet the parents’ end.”

McHale also said that he and the “Community” cast are currently working on the sixth episode of the upcoming season, and while there is no word on whether or not the show will get a full 22-episode season yet, he did open up a bit about how production of the show is going even with all of the changes that have happened behind the scenes:

“I was glad that as far as the approach and the spirit of the show, all the new people want to keep that intact and keep that going. ‘Cause I think our uniqueness and ambition have really carried us a long way. I know the cast cares deeply about the product it’s part of.”

There is no premiere date currently out the for “Community” season 4, so stay tuned.

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