‘Gossip Girl’ series finale spoilers: Are [spoiler] really coming back?

While we know that Katie Cassidy is coming back to the series finale of “Gossip Girl,” there were still some people who we never thought that we would see again on this show in a million years. One of them just so happened to be an actress we mentioned recently in Taylor Momsen, who had expressed no real interest in being involved in acting again, and for much of the past week was overseas playing some music with her band the Pretty Reckless.

However, things can sure change in a week’s time! While The CW has not confirmed or denied anything just yet, but actress Kelly Rutherford did recently tweet a photo of both Momsen and Connor Paolo (who is busy these days on “Revenge”) on the show’s set along with the caption of “My kids are grown up.” Momsen has also been spotted alongside Blake Lively on the set, and the speculation is high that both Little J and Eric could be making a brief return in order to give their characters some closure on the show.

In making this move, Momsen and Paolo really are showing some kindness to some fans who have been a part of the show since the very beginning; even though they have professionally each moved on to some other commitments, they are still kind enough to not only remember where they came from, but pay homage to characters that fans cherished for several years before they decided to take off elsewhere.

Are you stunned in particular that Taylor Momsen is back on the set given the rather-public nature of her departure from the show, and what sort of story do you want to see for both Little J and Eric prior to the show wrapping up?

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