Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 6 review: How far will Deran go?

Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 6Are Deran and Adrian one of the best — and only — love stories on Animal Kingdom? It’s an interesting thing to think about after Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 6 “Into the Black,” an installment where Deran learned a lot and also has a lot to fear.

It all starts with a raid on Jack amidst a larger investigation by local authorities. Because of Adrian speaking to the police, he’s been able to be spared any hardship himself. Yet, this same police force is asking questions about Deran and knows about his history with Smurf. This is setting up a terrible dynamic, one where Smurf eventually figures everything out and Adrian is left dead in the same water he surfs in by the end of the season.

On some level, we think Deran knows that his boyfriend’s either going to die or end up behind bars or something equally horrible. Smurf’s either going to set him up or have him killed when the dust clears and mentally, he may be preparing himself for this in advance. Even still, he killed in order to protect Deran the moment he was blackmailed about Adrian being a possible mole; he just hasn’t had to kill his boyfriend yet. That scene with the two of them in the shower at the end could have been sweet; instead, it was heartbreaking.

That heartache could be felt elsewhere within this episode, as well. Take, for example, seeing Pope continue to be a walking shell of a person in between going to the fight and struggling to hide his emotions after the fact. Knowing about Smurf’s cancer but being unable to communicate about it with other people was taking a real toll on him, and it’s one we hope will be lifted at some point soon. J was involved in trying to pick her up from her appointment, not knowing that Smurf had quit halfway through her chemo treatment and was off somewhere else. She refuses to sit there, get her treatment, and talk about her family and her past with some of the other women who are fighting for their lives. It’s just not her style.

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Where are things going with Craig?

There’s a small threat that something terrible happens at the end of this season to him, given how irate Frankie seems to be about how he completely stomped all over her past job when he didn’t get paid on time. She’s lost a lot of contacts and he’s refusing to apologize. Good on Craig, we guess, for having convictions about payment … but we’ve got a feeling that we’re going to see her fight back on him at some point. He can get closer to Renn and her own business model (a hard one to keep up once kids are around), but that doesn’t mean Frankie is shoved out of the picture for good. The same goes for Mia, who was conspicuously absent through this episode after spending so much time recently doing battle with J.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Smurf flashbacks, while entertaining, still aren’t making a whole lot of sense. What’s the message to take away from them — that’s she’s a terrifying woman capable of doing awful things? Maybe it’s an origin story to how she became like this but we would’ve been fine living in the moment with her. The thing about this season is that entertaining as it is, there’s not an obvious focus. Is it about the Codys versus the police, Angela infiltrating the family, or ultimately the family versus itself? Maybe the point is to keep us guessing for a while — or maybe it is all of the above. Season 4 could use more direction, but that’s not to say that the story in front of us is any less thrilling or action-packed.

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