‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 spoilers: The Red Wedding will air…

Anyone who has read A Song of Ice and Fire already is more than aware that there is a major event coming on “Game of Thrones,” and it could be one that surprises, delights, and appalls fans all over the world: the Red Wedding. We’re not going to give away what happens in this episode for those who want to be surprised by the series, but there is a reason that George R.R. Martin said that he may need to flee the country after the episode airs on TV.

What we do have to share for you now is some other interesting confirmation that like with the first two seasons, this show is going to be airing what is in many ways its pivotal episode one week before the finale. This event will be the ninth episode of season 3, and Winter Is Coming reports that it will be directed from David Nutter.

Really, the placement of the episode here should come as no surprise at all. Why? This gives fans a week or so to try and recovery from what is going to happen throughout this hour, and it should set the stage well for the inevitable fourth season that will end up airing in 2014. (We may as well best honest here: this show is not going anywhere if the ratings stay anywhere near the level that they are at now.) This is the same episode that we saw Ned Stark lose his head on during season 1, and the Battle of Blackwater during season 2.

Is the Red Wedding something that you are eagerly anticipating as a “Game of Thrones” fan, or is this something that you are dreading given just how shocking the event truly is?

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