The Handmaid’s Tale season 3 episode 7 preview: June’s new journey

Handmaid's TaleAs we approach The Handmaid’s Tale season 3 episode 7 later this week, you will find June in the midst of another journey. She’s trying to get to Brookline and her daughter, but as with all things related to this show, there’s no guarantee that she will get there.

If you want to expand on that outward, there’s no real chance that June is going to get anywhere insofar as closer to answers or hope this season. You can argue that this is the fundamental struggle at the heart of the show at this point. Is it too bleak at times for its own good? We felt like, in the absence of a synopsis or other details, this would be a good chance to tackle that.

Let’s start with this — a reminder that just because The Handmaid’s Tale is bleak now doesn’t mean that it will be bleak forever, but they need to slowly drag you down into the pit. They want you to feel as though everything is so hopeless and despondent that when the tone changes, it feels truly earned. That’s a fair way to look at it, mostly because these are people who are not going to escape this mire that they’re in so easily. It will make the end result so much more satisfying … but you also have to hope that you don’t lose people along the way. Our feeling? By the end of the season, there needs to be some sort of hope — that is, of course, provided that The Handmaid’s Tale wants to be that sort of show.

There is a reality here that we have to face when it comes to the glumness of this world: Maybe this is just the world. Maybe this is not meant to be a story of eventual triumph in this form. Maybe there are little victories but also mountains that cannot be climbed. The Handmaid’s Tale could just be a cautionary tale.

For now, watch for the breathtaking performances, the struggle, and the cold that this case was willing to endure. Just look at some of those conditions in the promo! This is not going to be an easy journey for June, and the emotional turmoil is only a part of it.

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