Is So You Think You Can Dance new tonight on Fox? What’s ahead

Is So You Think You Can Dance new tonight on Fox? We’ve seen so many great auditions so far, and of course, it only makes sense to want to see more. This is a show that does constantly bring so much to the table that you don’t often seen elsewhere, whether it be emotional performances, touching backstories, and also astounding athleticism. It’s probably the latter that this show never gets enough credit for.

Alas, you’ll be waiting for a little while longer to see all of these different elements of the show — and the show itself — back with new episodes. So You Think You Can Dance is taking a one-week break tonight, likely due to the close proximity to the July 4 holiday. It’s a little odd that you are having to wait for more — it’s not as though today is THAT close to the Fourth! We would’ve been game to get some more performances tonight.

Rest assured that if you do still have a hankering to see some dances on the air tonight, that opportunity is still very much there for you — Fox is planning to air a repeat with some past performances. You’ll see some moving routines in here and remind yourself what could make this season so great.

To think — we’re still in the early going! For us, some of the best magic of this show comes later in the season when you better understand some of these dancers’ stories and get to see them work together. There are performances in the later rounds that we personally could come back and watch year after year after year — it’s the beauty of getting great dancers and choreographers in the same place alongside time for them to execute the proper creative vision.

Remember, if you love this show…

Be sure to keep watching it live! We absolutely don’t want to see So You Think You Can Dance go anywhere and live viewership is the #1 way in which to ensure it sticks around long-term. It is coming off of one of its lowest-rated weeks ever and that sort of thing puts a massive frown on our face.

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