Elementary season 7 episode 7 video: Gregson returns to work

Elementary season 6Even though Thursday night may be the Fourth of July, that isn’t stopping CBS from airing Elementary season 7 episode 7. Why do that? There are all sorts of questions that we have about that but it doesn’t matter. The network’s gonna do whatever the network’s gonna do and, in this case, that means airing a new episode of the Jonny Lee Miller drama.

So what is the focus of the new sneak peek from the upcoming episode? It has to do with Captain Gregson getting back to work doing what he does best — but also getting a big surprise in the process. What he learns soon after stepping back into his office is that one of his best detectives is walking away and only three years from receiving her pension. The timing is odd, especially when she doesn’t specify all of the finer details about where she’s going. She doesn’t have to do this — there are no rules regulating this sort of thing — but it’s still surprising that she wouldn’t want to dish out some sort of other information to a boss she admires.

Will Gregson look into this? It’s possible, but from the outside looking it absolutely feels like she could be joining up with Odin Reichenbach for his new, crime-prediction venture that is at the center of most of this season. Odin believes strongly that what he is doing is correct and that eventually, it could actually save thousands of lives all over the world. The problem comes via the whole “working out the kinks” part of the operation. How valuable is this sort of project when it leads to death along the way. Is it something still worth pursuing?

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What Gregson doesn’t know is A) the extent of Reichenbach’s power or B) what Sherlock knows about Odin alongside the NSA. This is a secret that he looks to be holding while he does some digging of his own. Expect to see Sherlock doing some of his best in order to keep this under wraps — not because he wants to keep the other team away from helping, but because he cares about them and wants to ensure their safety.

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