Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Amazon, Jared Kushner, e-commerce

John OliverThere are episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver where you know going in that things are going to be crazy. This week is one of those said episodes. We knew that there would be a moment or two spent discussing North Korea, Russia, and some of the various leaders that President Trump has meant. (Oliver managed to turn Trump’s relationship with Kim Jong-un as a message of consent.)

After spending a little bit of time on Trump meeting dictators, we then transferred over to Jared Kushner — one of Oliver’s favorite talking points. It doesn’t feel as though a lot of other programs want to give Jared time because he’s not altogether notable personality-wise, but Oliver blasted Kushner’s plan to extend peace in the Middle East … mostly because there is no real plan there at all.

As for the main segment – Given that tonight’s episode is the last one for Oliver’s show in quite some time, we had a feeling that he was going to close on something big. It’d be a total shame if he didn’t.

So what did John choose? Well, think along the lines of e-commerce. Maybe this isn’t anywhere near as exciting on the surface as we’d hyped things up. Department stores are dying and internet commerce is getting more and more prevalent … and that can be both a good and bad thing. For example, e-commerce is so much more convenient for users, and for people who hate dealing with customers, maybe they would prefer to be in a warehouse. Unfortunately, it is also extremely backbreaking work. Think in terms of long hours, high pressure, and having to move around constantly in order to meet company demands.

We don’t think that there is anyone out there who is going to be altogether shocked to learn the truth about Amazon warehouses — or any other warehouses, for that matter. This segment was more about telling you about working conditions — it’s not so much about pay as it is about trying to find a way to make their workers actually have a career that sustains. Walking more than ten miles a day is brutal … and the same is holding it when you have to go to the bathroom.

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