The Son season 2 finale review: How did the story of Eli conclude?

The Son

After another season full of politics, twists, and turns, tonight The Son came to a close with a story that was all about legacy — and also the truth being what you want to make of it. We’ve seen Eli through the past two seasons embellish certain parts of his narrative, and he’s far from the only one to do. He survived and because of that, he does have an opportunity to tell his story — his story. It’s a unique opportunity that is only afforded to survivors.

Yet, that was the story of the past. There was still the story of the present.

What we never quite realized or understood is just how devastating this story of survival ended up being. The top event of the finale was Maria, gun in hand, ready to shoot Eli and end it all right there. Pete stood in the way — not so much because he loved Eli, but rather because he didn’t want her to make a mistake that would stay with her for the rest of her life. He lived to tell another tale then, but he didn’t have another chance soon after. Even after he was hurt, Eli still went after Maria and it was that point we saw Pete be the one who finished the job. He shot him not once, but twice. He is the one who finished the job and his story ended there.

Just in case you were wondering why there wasn’t going to be a season 3 of The Son, this is why. There is really no proper way to continue this story once Eli is dead and there was certainly no way he could realistically survive being shot a couple of times. Every story as an ending and there was no real way around this one.

Even though Eli’s story did end in a rather gruesome way, that did not change the way in which the story was in the future. That doesn’t change the way that some chose to paint the legacy of Eli. There was a reason to preserve a part of who he was — it was the legend. Jeannie was intent on painting a certain legacy for the man, one where he could survive.

“We are the children of a legend. Legends do not bleed out in dirt.” That was one of the powerful lines at the end of the episode, one that reinforced the way in which the entire family will handle this tragedy for so many years … and that ended up being the case. They crafted a story of his death that others would believe so they could send him out on their own terms.

Even in the closing minutes, Jeannie was still interested in the future in distancing herself from any drama or ties to her controversial past. She did whatever she could in order to bury everything and go about her way. Like grandfather, like granddaughter.

The closing scene of The Son season 2 finale

It involved oil — only fitting. It ends where the story began so many years later — we didn’t see much of the path to success, but we saw all of it that really mattered. This was a life of legend and it’s one we now say goodbye to.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Son was as good of a story as you’re going to find — an interesting, thought-provoking Western told in three different eras. The only lament that we had was the simple fact that it only aired for two seasons when conceivably, it could have been on the air for so much longer.

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