Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Paranoia escalates (day 11)

Kemi FaknuleThis afternoon in the Big Brother 21 house has been all sorts of MESS — mess atop with mess with a side of mess. It’s entertaining, and also probably detrimental to so many different games.

What makes things so fascinating to us is that so many people are walking around on eggshells just because the Veto Ceremony hasn’t happened yet. Nobody wants to go too bold since Christie hasn’t named a replacement nominee, and few people want to speak their truth in fear that it’s going to fall back on them.

For Christie, her big problem is that she’s so indecisive and paranoid about everything. She’s said that she would nominate Kemi as a replacement nominee, but she’s debated other options here and there. Yet, she doesn’t want to do anything that is going to break up the main alliance (Christie, Tommy, Bella, Nick, Jack, Jackson, Holly, and Analyse) too quickly. She’s claimed that she is letting Sam make whatever decision he wants with the Veto.

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If we were Kemi, the move that we’d want to do is making it clear that she will go if he uses the Veto — promise him some safety and then also do everything that she can to make him feel comfortable. If Sam doesn’t use the Veto, Kathryn likely goes. The problem is that after Sam was approached with a campaign, he then went and told a lot of the information to Jackson after the fact. That makes it SO much harder for Kemi to ever gets votes. Add to this Cliff making an “agreement” with Jackson earlier in the day, and we don’t see how she gets the numbers. (Cliff may just be saying what he needs to because he’s on the block, but still.)

This evening, Christie is breaking down, feeling as though the house could flip. She’s overly paranoid when it comes to Nick and Bella “flipping” the game or bullying Sam. Meanwhile, Kathryn’s going to remain as paranoid as she’s been over the next few weeks. We feel for Kemi in a lot of ways — people are making it out that she is somehow worse than she is and she’s mostly a victim of groupthink and “going with the house.” Everyone is so afraid to play other people’s games that they don’t want to make a move for themselves.

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