Who should be the next Bachelor — Mike Johnson or Tyler Cameron?

BachelorWho should be the next Bachelor? We do think that the search for the next star on the ABC show is starting to narrow a little bit; in our mind, what was once three contestants now is narrowed down to two. You’ve got Tyler Cameron on one side, and then Mike Johnson on the other

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Before anything else, we suppose that we should spend a moment or two at least discussing why we don’t have Peter the Pilot on the list of our contenders anymore. Just when you look at him, the first assumption you’re going to want to make is that he is Bachelor material — and it’s really hard to argue with that notion. Just think in terms of what he’s brought to the table! He’s got a great job, is successful, and has shown the ability to get close to someone else on TV. We just like to imagine that being the next Bachelor is more than physical chemistry, and on this past date with Peter, we just weren’t getting anything else. There was also a real lack of point of view; we understand that he is a pilot, but there are a lot of pilots in the world. There’s already been one leading this show in Jake Pavelka! That in itself doesn’t make Peter the ideal lead to push this series forward. There does need to be something more.

With all of this in mind, let’s now spell out the reason why Tyler and Mike seem so ready for the gig.

Mike – Here, you’ve got a guy who has clearly shown that he has some of the emotional ability to connect with someone else. He’s smart, he’s funny, and he’s got a lot of charisma. There is a history-making element to it in that he would be the first black lead of The Bachelor. Yet, there are so many other reasons to consider casting him, as well. It would give you the opportunity to tell a unique season featuring a guy who does seem to want love, but also isn’t afraid to speak his mind if the situation comes to it.

Tyler C – Tyler is probably the most universally-loved contestant on this show since Ben Higgins and we feel like he’s the frontrunner with that in mind. If he ends up with Hannah, obviously that changes but you could make the same argument for any of these remaining guys. What Tyler offers is a lot of passion, kindness, humor, and someone who will deliver a lot of viewers from the jump.

What we think producers should really do is simple: Talk to the guys, see what they want, and them actually gauge the audience. Not just pretend to like it’s felt like they have the past couple of years only to cast the person they want instead.

Who do you want to see as the next Bachelor?

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