Jersey Shore Family Vacation video: Mike’s day of sentencing

Jersey Shore Family Vacation filming

While you wait for Jersey Shore Family Vacation to premiere on MTV come July 11, there is a lot to anticipate — and some of it is not going to be altogether easy to handle. That includes watching Mike get sentenced to prison, which is the subject of the new sneak peek below.

This preview doesn’t show the actual sentencing itself, but it does feature a lot of anxiety surrounding some of the various cast members on the subject. They’re preparing themselves for the worst-case scenario, and that is the judge throwing the book at Mike and putting him in prison for a long time. This is fairly reflective of what actually happens, as The Situation is still serving time for the tax evasion case. They all remain supportive of him, but realize that this is going to be a tough situation — one they have no control over.

What we would say about this preview, perhaps more so than anything else, is that it is fully representative of just how much has changed within Jersey Shore the past few years. There was a time before the start of Family Vacation where The Situation was a pariah and hated by many of his fellow cast members. Much of that stems from what happened on the final seasons of the original show, where it was clear that his primary interest was stirring the pot. Over the years, though, it’s been revealed that Mike was battling a lot of demons at the time, including some stuff that wasn’t ever shown on the MTV series. He’s worked to turn his life around and get some of his one-time roommates on his side.

Now, we know that they’re here for him as he approaches one of the worst moments of his life. Expect this to be an emotional season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, and not just because of what Mike is dealing with. JWoww is struggling to deal with her personal life falling apart and we already know that with Ronnie, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to his relationships. Will there be comedy mixed in here, somehow? Absolutely. It’s still Jersey Shore. The DNA of the series itself is not changing.

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