Ink Master season 12 episode 4: DJ Tambe, Katie McGowan return

When Ink Master season 12 episode 4 airs on the Paramount Network this Tuesday, you’re going to see more returning artists stop by for a week. This time around, you’ve got two who are more than familiar with working in teams.

For the men’s team, you are going to see Katie McGowan back in the studio, determined to get that chance to compete at the finale. She’s been on two regular seasons of Ink Master already, and for those, she was featured alongside Matt O’Baugh. This is going to be a fun opportunity to see her completely separate from him. Meanwhile, you are also going to be seeing DJ Tambe, Who first appeared on Ink Master: Shop Wars alongside Bubba Irwin — a guy who you have already seen this season.

What impact will these two have on their teams? Hopefully, it’s just a measure to further unify them. With the men’s team in particular, what we’ve seen is a series of ego battles. Several people on this team seem to think that they are God’s gift to the world of tattooing and they don’t want to listen to anyone other than themselves. That’s a problem. The women have been a little bit more receptive to each other (though there have been issues) and they’re coming into this episode on a high. Will they be able to keep that momentum up? It’s going to start with the flash challenge.

This challenge, as you can see in the sneak peek below, is all about creating contrast on a very difficult campus. You have to line up your image properly so that the design looks beautiful from the right perspective, and both teams are going at it in their own unique way. With the guys, it’s pretty clear but they are showing contrast in more of a black-and-white sense. As for the women, they’re going more with bold colors contrasting with other bold colors.

In the end, the result of this challenge is going to be dependent more on what the judges are looking for. Most people tend to see contrast within a black and white world, so the guys may be a little bit more appealing with that in mind. Yet, it’s hard to dispute the idea that the women just have a prettier design to look at. They made a lot within their space and all of it feels extremely visible and pretty cool in the process. We love the accent of the word “killer,” which kind of seems perfect with what we know DJ’s signature style to be.

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