Designated Survivor season 4 renewal: Who has high hopes for it?

We’re now a handful of weeks removed from the launch of Designated Survivor season 3 launching on Netflix and, regrettably, there is still no firm word on a season 4. Yet, there is still a great deal of hope … and there’s a tremendous reason for it. The third season is the strongest one to date, and we like to believe that the show has exceptional appeal all over the world.

Yes, it may seem strange on the surface to say something like this. How can a series based on American politics draw great numbers all over the world? Well, for two reasons. For one, there’s always been interest in US politics, even fictional iterations of it, all over the world. Beyond that, Kiefer Sutherland draws well all over the world. When you play an iconic character like Jack Bauer, there is a general tendency for viewers to remember who you are and celebrate you at every opportunity. This is a show absolutely worth celebrating.

There is already proof that Designated Survivor season 3 is drawing well — it’s been one of the more popular series on Netflix UK this month, as the tweet below indicates. The American arm of Netflix doesn’t release viewership data but if even half of the show’s viewers on ABC continue watching, there is a good chance it will be back for more.

For now, one of the cast members is absolutely optimistic. Speaking via Digital Spy, Benjamin Charles Watson (who plays Dontae Evans) had the following to say about viewers getting a chance to see more of this world:

“I’m really, really optimistic … But you never know.

“I feel like we will get one. I know Netflix UK posts their numbers for shows, and I think our show’s doing really well in the UK from what I’ve been seeing. We don’t know about how it’s been doing in the US, but I feel like we will get a season 4. Hopefully we will get a season 4.

“There are so many unanswered questions that need to be answered – even if we just get a fourth season to close everything that was left open in season 3… I’m hoping! My optimism is high, but you never know.”

Are we hopeful for a Designated Survivor season 4?

At present, the short answer is yes. Once Netflix “saves” a show from cancellation elsewhere, they tend to keep it for at least one more season. They did this with Arrested Development, Lucifer, and Longmire. There’s no reason to think that the pattern will stop here unless they’re seeing really bad news with some of their other ratings.

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