Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Jack paranoia overload

Jack MatthewsTonight on the Big Brother 21 live feeds, we inch a little bit closer to the Veto Ceremony, which could take place at some point over the next few days. So what’s happening leading up to it?

In terms of the replacement nominee, it doesn’t seem as though all that much is changing. The plan, at least as of tonight, is for Sam to use the Power of Veto and for Kemi to be the replacement nominee. There are people in the house who are gunning for her, feeling like she’s some sort of “loose cannon” who has talked about everyone in the house. Yet, it also doesn’t feel like she’s doing a bad job playing the game right now. She was vulnerable earlier in the week, she’s been friendly tonight to Jack, and it feels like she’s starting to understand more of how to play the game.

Our thinking on Kemi right now is that she’s the sort of player who needed a little bit of time in order to get adjusted to the game and now that this has happened, she’s a little more aware of some of the stuff that she should be doing.

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What’s funny, meanwhile, is that in having more conversations, Kemi is also putting more of a target on herself. There is paranoia swirling in all directions around her at the moment, mostly from Kathryn as she seems to think that there is some sort of secret plan to get her voted out of the game. Kathryn’s not really the concern right now — other than being paranoid, she’s harmless. What else is she going to do? Yet, Jack talked to Kemi tonight and following that, most of the world exploded. Christie is being driven up the wall by all things Jack at the moment, proclaiming that she doesn’t trust him, he is playing too hard, and that she doesn’t like being too close to him where people think they are some possible showmance. It’s a mess; it’s not enough to cause Christie to change her mind about her replacement nominee, but she’s getting frustrated about being out of the loop.

Is Christie getting some HoH-itis? Maybe a little bit if she thinks that other people need her approval before a conversation. Yet, Jack also needs to be careful about annoying someone in power before the Veto Ceremony even happens.

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