Is Power season 6 really the final season, after all? 50 Cent’s message

PowerIs Power season 6 really the end of the road on Starz? That was the initial suggestion, and it’s even been confirmed in a press release.

Yet, show executive producer and one-time star Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson seems to be making it clear that there’s an openness on his part to keep it going. Maybe this is just some bluster to promote the upcoming season, but it’s notable and, like with most things 50 Cent, you can’t really avoid it.

Here’s what the rapper-producer wrote in a new post on Instagram:

I Changed my mind POWER is not going to be over after season 6. This s–t is to good

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So what do we think about 50’s comments at the moment? There are multiple ways to look at this, and not all of them are a guarantee that the show is coming back for another season. There are some other ways to look at this. Take, for example, the idea of there being a spin-off show down the road. We know that there are some ideas being tinkered with already and even if Power itself ends, there may still be more of the world — that fulfills 50’s proclamation to an extent while allowing the original version of the show itself to conclude.

It’s hard to imagine at this point that Power itself is going to suddenly come up with a new story for itself in season 7. After all, if season 6 is the final season, shouldn’t it lead to a proper series finale? Isn’t that what the writers have been building towards? That’s the thinking that we’ve got bouncing around in our head at the moment. We feel like Ghost’s story will conclude at the end of season 6 and, after that, who knows? There are all sorts of great stories to explore, and we hope that both 50 and also executive producer Courtney A. Kemp are each going to be collaborating on some other stuff in the future. We trust the two of them to deliver some incredible, powerful stories based on what we’ve seen to date.

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