Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Early showmance talk & backdoor indecision (day 10, morning)

Nick MaccaroneIt’s the morning of day 10 within the Big Brother 21 house and some of the late-in-the-week waffling is already starting — and we haven’t even made it to the Veto Ceremony!

Christie is the Head of Household for the week and she’s already struggling. Why? She’s upset about the idea of nominating Kemi, since she likes her and the two have a good relationship. The issue is that she’s more of a unified alliance target and there are a lot of other people that want her out. Because of that, she feels like her hands are tied. She also has considered the idea of targeting Kathryn since she’s not really that close to her, but she doesn’t want to both anger Jackson and then also have Kemi stay and be angry at her a little bit down the road.

What complicates everything at the moment is the Whacktivity Competition. Nobody seems to know who has a secret power and that can still alter whatever is coming down the road. For more of what executive producer Allison Grodner told CarterMatt on the competition, be sure to visit the link here. We will have a new Grodner talk after each eviction.

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Showmance update

Is there something blooming between Nick and Bella? It felt that way last night with some of the conversations that they had about a mutual interest. They’re having conversations about being together in a showmance. There is some resistance to it just because they recognize the complications of it, but it’s clear that there are early feelings here. It’s something to watch out for. It also looks as though Bella has been through some intense things in her past and Nick, who is a therapist, wants to be there for her.

What makes our blood boil

At one point last night, Kathryn admitted that there is a part of her that wants to go home and see her friends. Is a part of this human emotion? Sure, but it’s hard to be actively rooting for someone who vocalizes it this early in the game. We already know that her endgame out of this seems to be becoming a social-media influencer more so than the game … so she can leave. That’d be fine.

Ovi update

There was a time in which it seemed like he was destined to be the second boot and could still be; yet, there are other people in the house starting to get behind him. Take, for example, Christie and Analyse admitting that they at least trust him more than Jack. There’s still that whole side of the house giving him shade, but he’s still got a chance in this game.

Christie and Analyse, in general, seem to be over the attention on Jack and Jackson. Christie hates the idea that she and Jack are being perceived as some sort of showmance when they’re really not. (Christie has told some people in the house that she’s lesbian.)

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