Siren season 2 episode 13 review: It’s mating season!

Siren - FreeformNow that Ben and Maddie have been healed from Ryn’s song on Siren season 2 things can kind of go back to normal for them as a couple, but there are a few challenges that are still  ahead for them. First off Nicole has cameras set up in Ben’s house to monitor them and their relationship. The second obstacle was touched on in last week’s episode where we learned that the siren’s aren’t creating any new babies.

Why are there no baby mermaids?

We saw in the last episode that Levi came back and he’s at Helen’s apartment, but with Nicole monitoring Ben and Maddie’s apartment they know about him too.

They have been many mating seasons going by without any baby mermaids as a result – the birth rates are really down. Ryn is ready for mating and with Levi there it looks like he could be the right partner for her, but first they have to find out why no babies are being produced. Maddie and Ben are doing tests on Ryn and Levi to see what their level of fertility is and while Ryn happy to go to the lab for further testing they looking to keep Levi hidden from the military (too late!)

Ryn’s tests come back to show that she is fertile and it’s not a problem with her specifically. The military is very interested in this because they want to make mermaid embryos and after talking to Maddie, something they say to her sticks with her. They mention to her at they know that the population is dwindling and that they just want to help if they can bring in a male. Maddie knows they haven’t mentioned and that’s when being the daughter of a cop kicks in. She checks her home for bugs and finds them.

Helen’s search for answers continues

After finding out from John that it’s possible her father was murdered Helen has done more research and it’s looking like there might be something to this. When she goes back to see John he has mysteriously passed away in his sleep.

While Helen is speaking to Rick about John, she learns that he told Beth that the sirens are on land, but before she can do anything she sees that Beth already has Levi in her car and is driving away with him. She’s of course worried for him – though we do have to remember that sirens have super strength and we’ve seen Levi kill people if he has to.

When Helen and Rick find Beth and the group they aren’t getting any answers from her on where Levi is. Beth reminds her that the Pownall’s lead the massacre on the sirens all those years back and because of that it’s important for them to keep the secrecy of their heritage. Helen reveals that all three of them are actually related to the Pownall’s and Beth is horrified to learn the truth.

Ryn shows up to help bring Levi back, but when Beth says that they are family Ryn wants to stay and learn more and it’s really weird. Like all kinds of weird. This group is giving of very real cult feelings, not like family. They seem to be almost worshiping of Ryn and Levi and the whole thing is very odd. The weirdest part is why Ben and Helen didn’t push harder to get them out of there, because it is giving off some very weird vibes and they don’t need to be there, especially when it’s mating season and Ryn and Levi are imprinting on each  other.

The secret is out

The Pownall secret about them slaughtering the mermaids comes out and Ryn learns that he’s related to them. She didn’t know and he had been keeping it from her out of fear that she wouldn’t understand that he’s not the same as them, but she is very clearly hurt. When she and Levi go back to the water to try and mate things are not good with Ben and Ryn. Is she even going to come back?

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CarterMatt Verdict

We did see an interesting moment tonight which we really haven’t seen before in the Ryn, Ben and Maddie relationship. So far they have only made love when they are all together, but we almost saw Ben and Ryn make love without Maddie. We have often wondered if this is something that is okay in their relationship, like if Ben and Maddie want to make love, or Maddie and Ryn without Ben. It’s something we would like to see explored further – the perimeters of their relationship and if they want to set any boundaries.

Also, now that Ryn and Levi are back in the water and presumably mating, how is that going to affect Ben and Maddie emotionally?

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