A Double Shot at Love finale: Pauly D dumps Nikki, Derynn, Vinny’s choice

Double Shot at LoveTonight’s A Double Shot at Love finale on MTV also carried with it a triple shot of drama. It was the final opportunity for Vinny and Pauly D to choose who they want to date after the competition … if they want to date any of them.

There were four women entering the finale — Alysse and Elle were hoping to be with Vinny, while Derynn and Nikki were looking to be with Pauly. It was hard to enter the finale with a lot of confidence just because these shows rarely every work. It’s so hard to imagine a long-term relationship coming together after a show like this but let’s face it: Crazier things have happened!

Let’s start things off with Vinny’s choice. His mother and Uncle Nino came to visit and of the two, Alysse seemed to be the favorite. She was also the only one of the two who had exclusively dated Vinny for the majority of the season. That had to matter for the sake of investment, right? For Vinny, it seemed to given that he did choose to be with Alysse! For the sake of this one reality TV moment, we’d consider this absolutely to be great news.

The strangest part of the episode may have been Elle’s reaction to learning that she didn’t win, since it seemed as though she was in genuine shock over the choice. She didn’t see it coming and because of that, it’s going to be a hard thing for her to digest. She thought she was joking at first!

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Now, things get crazy for Pauly D…

The first thing that he did was send home Derynn, which led to all of us in America thinking that he was going to be choosing Nikki to be with at the end of this. Yet, he then chose to send her home, too! It’s almost like Goldilocks here in that he felt like he was too distant with Derynn, and Nikki was just too much for him. It seemed like he was making this decision at the very last second on the show; it’s hard to know if that was the case in actuality, but Pauly struggled with the choice.

Pauly’s decision stemmed mostly from his past experiences, plus some of the conversations that he had with a number of the other women all season long. After all of that, he felt like there would be problems at some point in their future.

So entering the reunion, Pauly D remains single and Vinny has a new girlfriend. Will his relationship last? We’ll take a look in the reunion show soon.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was an entertaining, but unsurprising, end to the season. We should just be lucky that there was one person who finished the season with someone at all.

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