One Day at a Time season 4: How will things be different at Pop?

Today, the glorious news first came out that there will be a One Day at a Time season 4, as the series is moving over to Pop. There are many questions that go along with that, with a primary one being tied to the method of storytelling.

With the first three seasons over on Netflix, was saw the series do what it could to tell stories that were both timely and timeless. There was a recognition that they could be watched at any point and needed to reflect that — while also tell stories and focus on themes that would still be relatable to the cultural zeitgeist. With the show’s new network and once-a-week format, what this means is that the writers can plan ahead more towards specific events — after all, the hope is that viewers will come and watch it when it’s actually on!

This is an enormous risk for Pop to be taking, bringing a show onto its network that has never aired on linear television. We like to think that viewers are going to check it out, but there are no guarantees. It’s an experiment that we’re excited to see play out — the worst-case scenario here, after all, is another batch of episodes for a show we adore.

Speaking in a new interview with Deadline, executive producer Mike Royce made it clear how they are approaching the new batch of episodes:

“It’s very interesting because instead of binged at once, we are going to come out once a week and will be able to be a little closer to when things will be happening … [We] still of course will be producing it well ahead of the events that are happening but that will be a new experience to have the timing of it.”

The fourth season of One Day at a Time won’t premiere until 2020, so the writers are going to have a chance to take on a number of different stories. That means chances to explore some topics and struggles that may not be making top-tier headlines right now. We’re probably going to have to wait longer than the standard between-season wait, but that’s mostly due to how long it took to get to this place to begin with.

What do you think about One Day at a Time being revived at Pop for a season 4, and what do you want to see coming up? Share right now in the comments.

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