Big Brother 21 episode 2 review: David Alexander evicted; Battle Back hopes

Big Brother 21 Cast

On tonight’s Big Brother 21bad news was afoot in the house. Jackson was named Camp Director, but one of the unfortunate consequences of the appointment was “banishing” four people from the game. Three will return, but one will be gone for sure — go ahead and call ’em the first person evicted from the game.

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Who was in trouble the moment that the episode started? Jessica. She’s the person who stuck her neck out to be Camp Director and wanted the job. That puts her in opposition … at least in theory. Jackson had a decision to make and what should’ve made the most sense right away was keeping the people who voted for him. That meant banishing the likes of Cliff, David, and Jessica right out the door — if they wanted the position instead of him, this is their punishment. It’s not the best move, as we think it’s best to send out people who are terrible in challenges and won’t come back to haunt him later.

Here’s the problem — Jackson still needed a fourth person beyond the initial three. He chose Kemi for it, which made sense given that Kemi didn’t do a good job in the house. We respect her not wanting to go and kiss the ring, but sometimes in Big Brother you have to do that very thing. The funniest thing about this whole ordeal is that some of these people announced their “candidacy” for Camp Director before knowing that Jackson was running. They couldn’t even prepare for this onslaught!

The banishment challenges

The remaining houseguests were forced to wander through the woods at night, desperate to find a way to get back into the game. This had a very Blair Witch sort of feed to it, minus the parts of that movie where some genuinely-scary stuff happened.

We have to say that we’re as surprised as anyone that David is the first one out — preseason and live-feed clues aside. He was someone you’d think would be a challenge beast, given that he talked so much about being an athlete. This challenge was a reminder that sometimes, Big Brother is about using your brains more than your brawn. Cliff was the first person who figured it out — hugging the wall is always a good move! Kemi was the second person who made her way back, while also talking in confessional about wanting to “stab Jackson in the front” when the time comes.

Jessica beat David into the house, and we certainly feel for the guy. It’s tough being the first person out. Yet, remember this: Julie Chen said that he was eliminated “for now.” That means that there’s a chance he could come back down the road.

After the eviction…

Christie and Tommy cemented their relationship — it doesn’t seem like Christie’s relationship ended well, but she and Tommy realize that they need each other. This could prove to be an interesting alliance if they could hide it.

Now, let’s talk about alliances — Jackson (who apparently is Michie now) is working with Nick, Jack, Bella, and Holly. That seems to be the Core Six … or the alliance that will fall apart down the road.

The first Head of Household Competition

With Michie safe for the week, he’s didn’t need to compete here — instead, he assigned the pairs for what was an endurance competition. Jessica was the first one to fall. It didn’t seem like the pairings mattered all that much other than who you were stuck on a pole with; if you were athletic/flexible enough, you could keep fighting.

It came down to Christie versus Tommy, and Christie is now the first HoH of the season! (Funny how it came down to the two of them.) This was a smart move for Tommy — it keeps him from having a target on him and Christie will probably be able to take on this role and fall back into the background.

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