grown-ish season 2 episode 16 preview: A time for ‘Self-Care’

grown-ishSelf-care is important. It also just so happens to be the title for grown-ish season 2 episode 16. It also just so happens to be a priority for Zoey and some of her friends. Everybody needs it and, after some stressful time at school, you’re going to think that a break back home is the panacea for what ails you. You get back into your old routine and think that this suddenly makes your life better.

But what if it doesn’t? What if the biggest method of stress relief is strictly facing it? That’s a question worth wondering and for Zoey, maybe it’s something that she wonders herself. This episode will feel very black-ish in nature — there’s even a crossover component to it with Marcus Scribner coming on board. These stories are important. They remind you that this show is a part of a larger universe, which can be easy to forget sometimes in the middle of a separate story. There are some interesting times ahead — “Self-Care” is going to be a story about betting yourself … but also learning that sometimes, they best way to do that is the unexpected way.

For more discussion on what’s next, take a look at the grown-ish season 2 episode 16 synopsis below:

Zoey and her girls head to the Johnson family home in Sherman Oaks for a weekend of self-care and detoxing … but Zoey soon learns that her idea of relaxation may not align with what they all really need. Aaron reconnects with his passion for activism and hosts a fundraiser for his community. Guest Starring Marcus Scribner

What makes this episode so effective is it bringing you the best of both worlds — you have personal introspection mixed with outward activism. For Aaron, that means having a chance to head out into the world and make the world a better place. There’s an active encouragement going on here with grown-ish and many other Freeform shows, for that matter. This network recognizes its target audience and what it wants them to do: Be voices in the world. The logic is that through their programming, they can actively encourage ways in which to do so. They can be both a beacon while also still be entertaining. Maybe they end up being a little idealistic at times, since activism doesn’t always equal results in the real world.

Yet, do you know what never leads to results? Sitting around like a bump on a log and doing nothing. Aaron’s trying and that’s something worthy of some respect.

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