Elementary season 7 episode 6 sneak peek: Bell’s emotional case

Elementary season 6When Elementary season 7 episode 6 airs on CBS Thursday night, you will see some traditional mysteries. Yet, there will also be a more personal element to this, one that relates to what actual NYPD retired officers sometimes face.

In the sneak peek that we have for you below, Detective Bell looks into the disappearance for a medically-discharged NYPD officer, someone who may be struggling with his mental health. His wife is worried that something may have happened, and while his weapons were sold off long ago, there is a cause still for concern. This is a former cop! He can acquire weapons still if he needs to and if he’s not well, he’s trained enough in firearms to unleash terrible amounts of chaos.

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Stopping crimes before they happen is one of the themes of Elementary entering this episode. It’s a key part of the work that resident villain Odin Reichenback is doing! He has this bright idea that he can stop criminal acts before they start — he’s a tech billionaire, so his belief is aggrandized by all of the money and skill he can throw at the problem. His story, and his innovations, will be a big part of this episode. However, innovation isn’t the theme for what Bell is doing within this episode. His focus is a little more linear: Just finding this former officer and making sure nothing bad happens. There’s no need for a broader investigation or to uncover a motive; it’s someone who can be dangerous and needs to be helped. Maybe this is a storyline that will speak to a greater need for mental health and self-care. These are not discussions that are foreign to the world of Elementary, as they are issues that Sherlock himself has been forced to tackle over time.

With this being the final Elementary season, this is where the show cements its legacy. Within this installment, you’ll get a good sense of what this show does best — bring you humdinger cases but also ones that speak to greater issues. While there is comedy within individual moments, sometimes this show can effectively shift over into more dramatic territory. We imagine that this episode will allow us this opportunity, and also set the stage with further showdowns. Bell’s storyline should be resolved within the episode; as for Odin, James Frain is a series regular. CBS wouldn’t hand down this promotion for a 13-episode season unless there were plans to incorporate him over a long period of time. He may not be in every episode here on out, but he should be a component in some of what’s coming up.

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