Jane the Virgin season 5 episode 15 return date for Gina Rodriguez, cast

Jane the Virgin season 4Curious about the Jane the Virgin season 5 episode 15 return date after tonight’s new episode? Rejoice in the fact that there are more new episodes coming, but lament the wait for them. It’s not the worst wait ever, but so close to the series finale, any time off is going to feel agonizing.

Because of the Fourth of July holiday next week, The CW is giving some of their shows a breather. That includes Jane the Virgin, even though it’s airing the day before Independence Day. Odds are, some programming executive looked at that date, said “that’s too close,” and is opting to make everyone wait until July 10 for what’s next. Season 5 episode 15 will arrive on that day in the show’s typical timeslot and from there it will offer up a story ripe with more twists. It will provide Jane with inspiration, but push her into trouble when it comes to paying this inspiration off. Even though she’s accomplished and knows what she’s doing in the literary world, finding an agent is easier said than done.

What are the steps? If Jane the Virgin is doing something close to the real world, she’ll find that some agents just aren’t interested in her genre of writing. Others may have a full roster of clients. Others just won’t like it. That’s no slam on Jane’s work; it’s the cold reality of this world where every agent has their own opinion. In real life, JK Rowling faced rejection before getting the Harry Potter series off the ground! How many people must be kicking themselves now?

We understand that we’re venturing far off the beaten path here; it’s just a subject that’s often glossed-over when it comes to television despite there being interesting content. The struggle is real for aspiring authors.

So what’s coming up elsewhere? The Jane the Virgin season 5 episode 15 synopsis that CarterMatt has for you below gives you some other insight:

NEXT CHAPTER – After Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is struck with inspiration for her book, she immediately begins to write, but her next challenge is to get an agent. Rogelio (Jaime Camil) has been so focused on being the star, he begins to contemplate taking on a different role instead. Meanwhile, Jane thinks it’s important to build a different relationship with the twins and turns to Petra (Yael Grobglas) for some guidance. Justin Baldoni, Andrea Navedo and Ivonne Coll also star. Viet Nguyen directed the episode written by Ben O’Hara (#515). Original airdate 7/10/2019.

Beyond the Jane storyline, Rogelio’s story holds the most interest. You’re talking about a guy whose thinking is somewhat skewed. Being great on television isn’t about your name being at the top of the call sheet; it’s about sticking around. Starring as a supporting actor for six years is often better than being the lead for 13 episodes before getting canned. Think in terms of money — would you rather star in a canceled show or be a supporting character on The Big Bang Theory? While Simon Helberg or Melissa Rauch weren’t the leads, they’re set financially for life … they can now lead whatever project they want!

What do you want to see on Jane the Virgin season 5 episode 15, and are you sad to have to wait for what’s next? Let us know in the comments. (Photo: The CW.)

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