MacGyver season 4 spoilers: New series regular being cast

MacGyverIn this round of MacGyver season 4 spoilers, we’re talking new additions — and a prominent one with that!

Per a report coming in via TVLine, the CBS hit (returning in midseason) is casting a series-regular role of a “former Army guy, trained in psy-ops, who has parlayed his particular set of skills into a successful career as the owner of an elite military contractor.” Doesn’t that sound like someone who fits in like a glove in this world? There’s no name for this character as of yet — we expect it to be some sort of tough-guy.

Anyhow, this casting news goes along with the reveal that Levy Tran was recently promoted to series regular, meaning that you’re going to see so much more of Desiree “Desi” Nguyen on the series after her debut midway through season 3. This show ended in a way where there are so many different options for the future. Right now, Peter Weller’s character stands to be the next Big Bad, which makes sense given the devilish qualities that he brought to the story during his time in the finale. Meanwhile, we imagine that the series will continue to build up the team and the friendships that exist within.

The hardest thing about season 4 will be waiting for it — without question. It was a CBS decision to hold off on MacGyver season 4 until midseason; in a perfect world, it’d be coming on this fall. The episode order will be thirteen episodes pending some sort of change. Think of this as a challenge to the writers to make the most of the time that they have. Thirteen episodes may not be a lot for a network show, but there can be some awesome stuff in there that makes CBS consider ordering more — whether it be in season 5 or the future. MacGyver still offers something that few shows do — the perfect combination of action, humor, and even a little bit of science. It makes you think (maybe sometimes in a MythBusters sort of way) as to whether or not some of Mac’s tricks are even possible.

As for whether or not this new character is friend or foe, that remains to be seen. Maybe they’ll be the rare case of a hero that becomes a villain or vice-versa; we’re down for a cool character arc that can offer an exciting new twist along the way.

When will the MacGyver season 4 premiere date be announced?

Based on past CBS patterns, this fall — while you wait on that, be sure to visit the link here to get some other insight.

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