‘Private Practice’ season 6 spoilers: Who’s going missing?

Due to the Presidential debate that is going to air across all of the major networks on Tuesday night, we are going to be waiting a little bit longer than usual to find out just what happens next on “Private Practice.” With that being said, though, we can guarantee one thing based on the newest sneak peek for the show: it’s going to be exciting, but not completely in a good way.

First things first, Addison and company are going to have to adjust to seeing a new doctor on the scene for the first time, and unfortunately, this is not going to be someone who is completely easy to adapt to. Even under normal circumstances, this would be difficult; when it is coming after so many tragedies in the lives of some of these characters, it’s even worse.

As bad as this is, even this cannot compare to the horrible news that the entire practice is going to be facing when a young child goes missing from the ER. Sheldon in particular is going to spend some time jumping to conclusions, and this will really probably just end up making things worse. Doesn’t it always? The promo below is almost a tear-jerker in itself, and we have not even seen the episode in question just yet. One final thing that we can point out? That there will be some tension present between Jake and Addison, but we don’t know what it is just yet or how it will end up getting resolved.

What do you want to see happen on this episode when it does air?

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