Outlander season 5 filming humor; Lord John’s ‘note’ for Brianna

Outlander season 4Welcome to another edition of CarterMatt’s Outlander notes! We have more assorted headlines to share with you today, but let’s start with something fascinating and heartfelt courtesy of David Berry. We’ve heard of people doing their best to stay in character even when they’re not working, but what the Lord John Grey actor did here was on another level. His commitment to being Lord John is unparalleled and that’s why so many of his performances stand out. We adore “Blood of My Blood” and we only wish for there to be a greater appreciation for Berry’s work in all critical circles. Lord John is easily one of our favorite characters so that probably pushes our admiration to another level.

One thing that we know a lot of people were saddened about at the end of season 4 was a lack of scenes featuring Brianna and Lord John together after she made it back to River Run. He had asked for her hand in marriage previously, a political move designed to ensure that no other suitor could take her. It was a favor, one that he did due to his loyalty to Jamie, but also because he cares for her. Lord John may be a flawed character (everyone in Outlander is), but he is a caring man who makes an effort to look after others. He wants the best for those around him and will fight for his core beliefs.

So in the absence of some significant closure between Lord John and Brianna onscreen, Berry composed himself a letter — one that Sophie Skelton shared with Entertainment Weekly. This was designed to paint a picture of how John felt towards her and also to allow the characters to fill in some of the blanks of the story. This will have to do, at least until we get to see these two characters on the same screen again.

Check out a piece of the letter below:

While I know you hold feelings of trepidation towards your future, I also know you are equipped with the character of such strength and virtue that you will meet these challenges and rise above them. In spite of my absence, I promise you will find the peace for which your heart yearns. Remember to never let yourself succumb to thoughts of despair. I shall continue to avow the fiction of our engagement until such time as true custodian of your affections and father of your child to be is returned to you. I am certain he will. You need not share this certitude, but above all else, hold onto hope.

It is my fervent wish that at the resolution of this ordeal, you will find the grace to forgive your father. Do not punish him for his mistakes, but honor them and pledge to never repeat them with your own child. Until that time arise and forever after, I am your humble and loyal friend.

These are emotions that Brianna seems to hold on to, even if we did not see this letter in season 4. While she and Jamie may not be the warmest father/daughter duo ever at the end of the fourth season, the two are on their way to healing and that may be the best that they can ask for.

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A little bit of season 5 fun

Production is still underway and if you’d love an update from set, why not look towards Tim Downie? In a post on Twitter, the man behind Governor Tryon made it clear that a certain feathered friend kept him from being able to finish a scene.

First, we had a bird pooping on Sam Heughan in the middle of a scene. Now, we’ve got a duck interrupting Tim Downie. Why do birds want to sabotage Outlander so much? We suppose that it’s better than midges (the albatross of last season), but to forgive the most obvious pun, this season’s really going to the birds.

What did you appreciate about Lord John the most during his time on Outlander season 4? Be sure to share in the comments, and remember to come back soon for some other news. (Photo: Starz.)

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