Big Brother 21 premiere review: Who was HoH, or ‘Camp Director’?

Big Brother

Tonight, the Big Brother 21 premiere is here! This marks your first real chance to get to know the houseguests — and understand what’s sure to be a heck of a crazy game. We’re excited to dive in and see what this season has to offer, but before we do that, let’s get to meet some of the players…

Jackson – They’re really intent on making this the Southern party dude, aren’t they? He shoots guns, has muscles, and loves to drink. He’s from Nashville but not a redneck — he wants to make that clear. He loves his momma and the two of them watched the show from an early age.

Nicole – She’s got a sweet job in that she’s a special needs pre-school teacher. She’s the “quirky” person of the season and it seems like a more manic, nerdier version of Nicole Franzel with a love for unicorns.

Tommy – He’s a Broadway performer who loves what he does and has a really cool dad — his father learned to dance to get closer to him! He’s a secret superfan and nobody knows about it.

Kathryn – She’s a former Dallas Mavericks dancer who went to Baylor and works in social media. She considers herself a “celebrity in her head” so there’s that.

Ovi – This guy really loves being from the University of Tennessee. His parents are from Bangladesh. He helped to found a fraternity at his school and he is outspoken — he’s not a guy we get on a show like this.

Kemi – She’s from Brooklyn and she’s a “reformed mean girls.” She’s trying to be more empathetic and she’s got all that good at it. We can’t tell if she’s going to bring this the entire season.

Holly – She’s from Wyoming and grew up in the middle of nowhere before going into the whole Malibu Wine Safari gig. We have a feeling we’re going to hear about her being from Wyoming all the time.

Jack – “It does work well with women.” This, ladies and gentlemen, is why Jack probably looks like Jason Momoa. He also has a dog he loves to spend time with. This is his real showmance.

The houseguests enter the house!

The first “I think this person is hot” confessional of the year was Kathryn talking about Jackson. He formed a quick connection with Ovi, as the two of them attending the same school.

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The first “dude who climbed the HoH ladder” is Jack, who seems to be leaning into the Aquaman angle heavily. This is gonna be tiresome, isn’t it?

Meet the other eight houseguests

Christie – She runs a clothing boutique that is apparently all about auras, and she’s also just come out of a long-term relationship with an older woman … who is actually Tommy’s aunt. She’s competitive and wants to win.

Sam – He’s a truck driver from a small town in Pennsylvania — he also thinks that his tattoo is cool when it’s really not. He’s married and has two kids and he’s there to win and win only.

Isabella – She’s an intern at UCLA, she plays piano, and she has a super-conservative mother who has no idea what Big Brother even is. She has two different sides to her — conservative Issa and then also her more liberal party side in Bella. This will be fun.

Nick – He’s outgoing, occasionally obnoxious, and also a mental help therapist for kids. He’s willing to use his skills in order to manipulate their minds. Shocker!

Jessica – She’s a plus-size model from Chicago who wants to change the narrative. She does marathons and dances and is very active — she thinks that she’ll be able to surprise people.

Cliff – He’s an oil man from Texas and a huge fan of the show. He’s gone through a lot over the years, including slept under bullet-proof blankets and met some shady people.

Analyse – She’s a soccer player, a huge fan of the show, and someone who could be really dangerous if she can mask her athletic ability and her fandom.

David – He’s a photographer from Atlanta who is very into fitness. He’s lost a lot of weight and worked to become somewhat of an athlete. Not the most backstory here ever.

New house highlights

It seems like Jack and Jackson are going to have a bromance right away in the game; meanwhile, it’s clear that Christie and Tommy know each other. They don’t seem to have any animosity and are playing it off like they don’t know each other.

Now, the first twist

The first challenge of the season was naming a Camp Director, someone who will be safe for the first week; not only that, but they will put someone’s game “in jeopardy.” You can’t vote for yourself. This is a chance to impact the game, but you need the assistance of the other players.

There’s a lot of pressure that comes from being Camp Director but a few people did want it — Cliff doesn’t want to be the first one out, and David, Jessica, and Jackson showed a willingness to go for it. While at first some of the women were leaning towards Jessica, eventually Jackson was able to get the votes that he needed — while having a very high opinion of himself along the way.

So who won Camp Director?

It was Jackson! He had the majority of the votes on his side … which you probably saw coming. We don’t know why the reveal of the camp director had to be messy, but here we are. Everyone who didn’t get the gig got covered in a lot of goop. Jack and Nick each got a vote, while Jessica was in second place.

So what makes Camp Director different from being HoH? He had to banish four houseguests “out of the game,” where three of them will be banished. Three of them will fight to make it back to the house, whereas one of them will not return. The only way to stay safe is appealing to Jackson.

Jackson wanted the target, and he got it! He also got a lot of stress to go along with it.

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