The Hills: New Beginnings episode 2 & beyond: Wildfires and fights

New BeginningsFollowing tonight’s premiere for The Hills: New Beginnings on MTV, the network offered up a preview for what’s coming up — and what is also going to be a series where some real-life drama actually factors in.

Take, for example, the massive Woolsey Fire that dominated a lot of headlines when it spread near the end of last year, ravaging parts of Malibu and some other communities. You see Brody Jenner dealing with it in the extended trailer — that may not be in episode 2, but it’s coming at some point this season. The same goes for some more relationships that are on the rocks, betrayals, and also heated arguments. For some reason, even Perez Hilton is making an appearance — Mischa Barton makes it clear that she is not a fan, so that could be one of the more notable moments from this season. (We’re still seeing how exactly she fits in to the larger narrative that we’re getting this time around.)

Even though so much time has passed and these people are clearly not the same as who they once were, we do think that The Hills: New Beginnings has a whole lot of the DNA of the original. You still have some of the same cast members and some of the same stories that are still at the core of it — people just trying to figure out how to make their lives work. We do think that by virtue of who they are and what they’ve gone through, there’s enough here to sustain a show. Format-wise, it has an easier transition than even Jersey Shore did with its recent Family Vacation.

The Hills: New Beginnings’ greatest challenge through the rest of the season is simply going to be standing out within a world where lives are documented so many different ways. Back when the show was first on, we didn’t have Twitter and Instagram rocking quite like we do now. It feels like there are more ways to get windows into what’s happening in Los Angeles and beyond now. People are more accessible. The voyeurism that was once this show isn’t quite there on the same level anymore. The appeal, more than the lifestyles or the settings, has to be the people. You have to care about Audrina, Spencer, Heidi, Whitney, Mischa, Brody, or some of these other people so much that you want to keep watching.

Basically, you have to see if these New Beginnings are really just that … or if we’re looking at a situation that is more of the same. We’ll learn throughout the coming weeks.

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