Scream season 3 finally nets premiere date, moves to VH1 from MTV

TygaIt was almost three years ago when Scream season 3 was first announced on MTV — think in terms of over 30 months ago! It was an exciting idea, a reimagining of a show that was a reimagining of the motion-picture franchise. There was a new cast, a new location, and a prominent executive producer behind the scenes in Queen Latifah. It was only set to be six episodes, but there was even something exciting about that. It gave the series an opportunity to tell a quick, isolated story that could be terrifying and self-contained. It was also going to have the real Ghostface mask, something that wasn’t present within the first two seasons of the show.

Yet, for one reason or another, MTV never decided to air Scream season 3. There were rumors about it every now and then, but there was never all that much clarity as to what exactly they were doing with the product. One thought was that they were trying to find the proper premiere date; meanwhile, another was that the content may have been a little too controversial at a time when there were so many headlines about violence against teens. There has also been a lot of questions regarding ownership and rights for the series, given the complicated behind-the-scenes ties the show once had with The Weinstein Company prior to the allegations coming out against the company’s title producer.

No matter the reason, nothing matters now. The only thing that really does is knowing that the show FINALLY is coming … but to VH1 rather than MTV. The show’s going to be coming on the air (via THR) starting on Monday, July 8 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time. It’s going to air one night after the next until it wraps up on Wednesday, July 10. Don’t be too shocked about the airing structure, as we were hearing a good year or so ago that all of the episodes could air as a part of a week-long event.

We should also note that there’s a new title for the program, as well, in Scream: Resurrection. VH1 is promoting the show (via the teaser that CarterMatt has for you below) mostly through its cast — Mary J. Blige and Tyga are two of the most notable performers in the series, and there is also a role for Paris Jackson. A part of the appeal of the property to them may have been all of the music-based performers who were a part of it.

Could this lead to a season 4?

We’re not counting on it, given that this took so long to come out and VH1 is only announcing this a matter of two weeks before the show is actually set to premiere. We like to at least think that if there were some hopes for a larger future, the announcement wouldn’t just come as totally out of left field … though maybe VH1 really is trying to make an event out of this.

Also, it’s worth considering that this is really the only scripted programming that there is left on these networks. They’re not really in the streaming game anymore.

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