‘Homeland’ review: When a flat tire is not a flat tire

Trying to put in words the awesomeness of a show like “Homeland” is hard to do, mostly because the best forms of art are those that you really don’t have to sit around and question much of anything. We’re actually not going to spend this article talking very much about the major points of this episode, mostly because you probably already know all about Carrie hearing Brody’s video recording as well as the Congressman missing the benefit dinner if you are reading this article.

Instead, there are two issues that are instead a worthy discussion within the frame of the series, with the first being the power of small moments. Sometimes, “Homeland” is at its best when it comes to giving us development without the pressing need for dialogue. We didn’t need Carrie to tell us she was having a nervous breakdown; we saw it instead with her pills. In addition to that, the subtlety in the scene between Carrie and Saul before the video reveal was a beautiful reminder that this is not a show that needs to tell its tale in grand overtures to be effective.

The best part about “Homeland” is that save for one issue, we never question a single decision made with the writing. Sadly, that issue is a big one in Brody’s marriage. Why in her right mind would Jess stay married to this guy? He’s already proven himself to be unfaithful, and he has not only lied about his whereabouts on a number of occasions (including blaming his benefit absence on a “flat tire”), but he has also hidden his own religion from her. Any one of these things could be a deal-breaker in marriage, and it becomes hard to support Jess or feel for her as a character when she is continually putting herself in a vulnerable position.

As strong as these first three episodes have been, we’re thrilled about the fact that next week’s installment is really going to get the show back to what it does best: the chess match between Carrie and Brody. Now that she knows she was right the whole time, she is going to be relentless in hunting him down. We like to think that there are only so many ways in which he can weasel his way out of this, and this may be one obstacle that is too hard for him to overcome.

What did you think about this episode?

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