Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 5 video: Emily Deschanel on Pope, Angela

Emily DeschanelWhat’s coming up on Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 5 can be described in a multitude of different ways. When it comes to the mental and physical state of Smurf, all bets are off and every single character out there should be worried about her. When it comes to what’s going on with J, he mostly should be worried that his delicate operation could untangle with the wrong tug at the wrong time.

When it comes to Angela, there is a smaller focus on her mind — Pope. As Emily Deschanel explains in the video below, her character is entering Tuesday’s new episode with a slightly more easily-decipherable priority — she wants to get a little bit closer to him. It doesn’t seem like there is some larger, life-or-death game here, and if there is, she’s keeping her cards close to the vest. We’re sure that there is a larger game to her trying to seduce him, but it may be more about her having a clearer future for herself than anything nefarious. It’s self-serving, but so are all of the Codys. If she’s just trying to get a roof over her head, she’s not as bad as most of the people around her.

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Within Tuesday’s episode, be prepared to see more of the Angela/Pope dynamic than what we’ve seen so far this season. It looks like Pope’s going to have another fight; more than that, it seems like Angela’s in attendance for it. This gives her an up-close look at some of the crazy stuff that he’s doing and the constant danger he’s putting himself in. Maybe she can be a voice of reason … not that she’s in any sort of position where she can be. Most of her life this season has been at Pope and Smurf’s mercy since they control her living situation.

A big part of what’s pushing Pope towards Angela at the moment is history — while it doesn’t seem like Pope’s life has been exactly great, Angela may remind him of a simpler time in it. This was back when Julie was alive and he may have felt like there was a different direction it could go in. Now, he’s up against more of a brick wall. He can pound his head against it or punch it, but it doesn’t make a difference. He’s a criminal and a guy who has no real joy in his life. Maybe fighting is his release, but it doesn’t feel like a great one. All it really does is cause him more pain … and to feel more pain, as well.

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