Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 5 video: Smurf wants her money

Smurf and JAs we gear up for Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 5 on TNT Tuesday night, one thing is absolutely certain. We are going to see Smurf on a warpath, and she is going to do everything in her power to get what she wants.

So what exactly does she want? First and foremost, it’s money. She’s the sort of person where if you screw her over, she is going to try to screw you over eleven times harder. We know that J and some of the other characters in Oceanside have been doing whatever they can in order to ensure that they get what’s theirs, but Smurf isn’t exactly going to forget about her perceived cut of the deal. It’s money that may be disputed, but she’s going to stick her neck out in order to fight for it.

In the promo below, you can get a small sense of what we are talking about here as she issues some demands, and we’re already wondering what these guys are going to do on the other side of it. Are they actually going to try to do what they can to pay Smurf, or are they just going to be dismissive of her? We think you think got to be more the former than the latter, mostly because we know what she’s capable of. Also, those capabilities are somewhat aggrandized at the moment because of her medical condition. We know that she is in the process of dying, or at least she will be if he decides not to get any further treatment. That puts her on an even more unhinged playing field, as it puts her in a spot and when she could do whatever she wants without any repercussions at all. If she you thought she was bad before, she’s going to be even badder now. She also has a particularly awesome moment in the promo where she says, basically, that she is too angry to die.

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As for what else we’re expecting in this upcoming episode, be prepared to see more of the relationship between Pope and Angela play out. These two characters have been on a collision course for a little while now, and we’re certainly seeing the Angela is doing whatever she can to sort of sink her talons into him. Not all of it as work, but that doesn’t mean that she is going to stop. She has an endgame, but it’s not one that we have a whole lot of information about just yet.

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