Designated Survivor season 4: If it returns, will there still be FBI/CIA story?

Designated SurvivorIt’s been weeks now since the news was sadly first confirmed: Maggie’s Q’s character of Hannah Wells is gone from Designated SurvivorThe series eliminated her from the equation just over the halfway point in the season and even to this date, we’re still not sure that we are completely over it. What Hannah brought to the show was some hard-nosed determination, intelligence, and also a willingness to put her own life on the line … hence, what happened to her in the end.

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With the character now gone, though, we do have to wonder — if there ever was a fourth season on Netflix, is it possible that the show would bring on board someone else in federal law enforcement for this story? We do wonder given that without Wells around, it felt like the series shifted away from really highlighting any individual agents — plus, in general, it seemed like they shifted away for much of that in season 3. We’ve noted already that it is our favorite season by a country mile, but it does still feel at times as though Hannah didn’t really get her proper due on her way out the door — the creative team tried, but they had a lot of ground to make up. We almost didn’t want to believe she was dead at times and, in general, we didn’t think that she’d had the greatest overall arc from season 2 onward. Maggie Q did the best with the role, but you can argue that Designated Survivor as a show tried to cover too many angles.

With this in mind, is it possible that season 4 ends up moving away from the idea of a federal law enforcement agent in general? Could we see less of them in the main storyline? We think that there are a couple of different ways that the series could choose to go with this. For example, they could opt to not press onward with a huge case for the FBI/CIA and just focus more on the White House and the Secret Service. If they don’t want to stuff the story too much, you could make the case for the writers going in a simpler direction.

Would we be game to see someone new in the role? Sure, but the justification needs to be there. We think there has to be some solid reasoning for why we’re diving back into these waters, and there has to be enough story for them to really shine. In the end, we think that it’s all really circumstantial, and should be based on whatever thought-bubbles are in the room.

We also recognize that we should just be taking this one step at a time — we don’t even know if season 4 is happening yet!

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