DVR ratings notes: ‘Nashville,’ ‘Revolution,’ ‘Last Resort,’ and ‘Grimm’

The first live+7 data for premiere week arrived on Monday, and there is some pretty interesting information in ther efor some of you ratings geeks out there. First things first, though, we must start with an explanation for those of you who are new to the game. Networks do look at DVR numbers when it comes to their decisions to renew or cancel a show, but they often prefer the Live+3 statistic that factors in three days of viewing after the fact and nothing else. This will also never hold a candle to live viewing, which is why reality TV is so popular with networks in that it is more “appointment viewing” than anything else.

Now, let’s get to some of what you really want to talk about in the live+7 figures.

Biggest gainer – “Revolution.” Clearly, NBC has to be thrilled with the fact that this show gained a whopping gained a whopping 68% for its second episode in finishing with a stellar 5.7 rating. This puts the show into the top 5 on TV, and makes it a near-lock for renewal if it holds close to that figure. “Grimm” gained the largest percentage of any show after the fact, growing 81% to a 2.9.

Also helped – When it comes to new shows, “Last Resort,” “666 Park Avenue,” and “Elementary” all helped their chances at a full-season pickup thanks to them adding at least 45% to their ratings after the fact. The former two ABC shows are still in some danger, though, since their live ratings are not great. (Plus, “Pan Am” was canceled last year despite great DVR figures.

The losers – The fact that “The Mob Doctor” was not among the top 25 shows in percentage gains means that this is really the final nail in the coffin for the struggling show, and it also puts “Partners” in even greater jeopardy, even if it may not be in the same sort of desperate situation.

Finally, we just thought we would add that in live+3 viewing for last week, “Revolution” added a strong 1.1 to its live rating of 2.8 to finish with a 3.9. This certainly bodes well for the country music drama, which looks to be ABC’s best chance at a hit this year.

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