Is Luther renewed for season 6, canceled by BBC America?

Luther season 5

Has Luther been renewed for a season 6 over at BBC America? Well, in this situation it’s a little bit complicated.

At the moment, there isn’t any formal announcement out there in regards to the future of the series … and that’s because the ball really seems to be in the court of writer Neil Frost and then also series star Idris Elba. Luther is a show that there’s always going to be a thirst for, but it really is just a matter of there being the right story and the desire for more. One of the things that Elba has said in past interviews is that waiting between Luther seasons is one of the reasons why the show is on the air in the first place — it’s been valuable for him to have small breaks in between some of the new episodes, since that allows him to pursue some other projects that aren’t anywhere near this emotionally heavy. This is an immensely rewarding show to do, but it’s also a challenging one — it’s hard to live in the world of the tortured John Luther for long periods of time.

Is it possible that we never see John Luther on television again after season 5? We don’t want to really think about it, but we think that it could be. It’s not because Luther is done for good, but rather, it seems like Elba is now interested in taking this character over to the big screen. In a number of preseason interviews he expressed an interest in doing a movie or something of that vein, and maybe that will be the future for Luther more than a proper season 6. We’re a little torn over this idea — it’s convincing consumers to spend money for something that they already were getting as a part of either their license in the UK or their cable provider here in America. It’s a hard sell sometimes adapting TV shows into movies, and that’s why we personally prefer things to stay in one medium.

For example, Game of Thrones easily could have transitioned over to movies to close out the story, but it chose instead to stick to TV. That was the wiser choice for HBO, and to be fair it may have also been the wise choice for movie theaters to avoid riots. We know how upset some people were over the end of Game of Thrones.

The most important thing to keep in mind

It’s only June 2019! There’s so much time between now and when more Luther could be commissioned that everything could change. There could be a proper season again in a couple of years, there could be a movie, or everyone could move on for good. We hope the story continues and we feel confident it will … but it’s all a matter of patience. (For more news, be sure to visit the link here in the interim.)

When do you want to see Luther season 6 on the air … and do you think it’s more likely that we’re going to see a movie than a traditional batch of episodes? Share below. (Photo: BBC America.)

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