Suits season 9: Three things that should happen during series finale

Suits season 8It’s certainly well-known that Suits season 9 is going to be one emotional moment after the next. This is basically the case with the final season of just about any show out there. How in the world can it not be? You’re entering the end of an era, a time in which you’re looking back and celebrating the legacy of everything that’s come before. Then, you’re also having to find a way to wind the story down and deliver a few big story surprises that keep people excited in the present.

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For the sake of the rest of this article, we’re looking in particular towards the series finale and presenting three different things that we personally consider to be must-haves. Maybe some of them are givens to diehard members of the Suits fandom, but we’re in a spot where we don’t want to take any element of this show for granted. There are so many reasons why Suits is so memorable and this is a chance to see those perfectly reflected.

1. The return of Mike Ross – Let’s be clear — this hasn’t been 100% confirmed as of yet. We don’t think it ever actually needs to be; we like to think that it will be a surprise and even if he only appears for a few minutes, that’s enough to nod towards the foundation of this show — Mike becoming a lawyer at the firm without a license. Without those events, we’re not sure that Suits ever comes to pass. We’d love to see Rachel back, but we’re not putting any expectations on that at all. We gotta keep things realistic here and not set the show up for disappointment — trying to ask for a Royal Family Member to appear on a scripted TV show is more than shooting for the moon. It’s basically shooting for a moon on a different galaxy.

2. What’s Harvey and Donna’s endgame? – We don’t necessarily need to see a wedding or any other easily-identifiable romantic event between the two. We just need to see something that suggests that the two are going to be together and happy. After spending the past eight seasons building towards something, anything else would let a little bit of the air out of our tires. We want to believe that there’s going to be a romantic future here for the two of them and that their professional relationship will shine as bright as ever.

Obviously, if the writers/producers do want to give us a Darvey engagement/wedding/something else, we certainly won’t be opposed to it!

3. Another case that challenges the firm’s very existence – We feel like, to a certain extent, there’s always going to be a sense of flux at this place. Its name changes seem to be almost annual at this point and it’s foolish to think that this will suddenly stop when the show does. We just want to know coming out of the finale that these characters will, at least temporarily, be okay. Give us that and a positive outcome to a legal crisis and we’re going to be happy.

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