Could The Hills: New Beginnings capture the original’s ratings glory?

New BeginningsAs we prepare for the launch of The Hills: New Beginnings on Monday night, one of the things we’re most curious about goes beyond just the cast members and the stories presented. Instead, it’s about the show’s success and whether or not lightning can truly strike twice for MTV.

If you think back to the show’s original premiere, so much of it was about the fantasy of how these people lived, worked, and related to the people around you. Then, if you think about the series finale, it intentionally broke that fantasy. Now so many of these people are older and in different places of their lives … and the same goes for the show’s own viewership. They may not be in a place anymore where they are interested in The Hills anymore.

Can New Beginnings actually bring in new viewers? This is what we’re uncertain about since so much of this is a nostalgia ploy. What makes the show interesting is what was chronicled so many years ago — it’s an extended, after-the-fact epilogue to that and while we’re sure that the new show will offer up context, it’s not really the same. Sure, there are some newcomers to the series, with Mischa Barton being the most notable, but ironically, we think that most of her fans are already in the demographic of people who watched the original The Hills. We’re not sure how many new people she’ll be bringing in.

With all of this in mind, we would argue that MTV keep their expectations cautiously optimistic for New Beginnings — no doubt it will find some success, but we don’t think it’s going to tear the roof off of television completely in its first episode. If it does, we have no problem eating some crow.

What are we excited about?

Probably the best thing about New Beginnings coming on right now is that it afforded some of its cast members time away from the spotlight. If that never happened, this show wouldn’t work. We don’t know who any of these people are anymore, and we think that absence is the primary reason why this show could be a big hit. It’s that mixed with getting to see most of them together in one place. Not having Lauren Conrad is a blow, potentially a bigger one, even, than Jersey Shore Family Vacation not having Sammi. Yet, we still think that the series will still find a way to make things work for it.

Ultimately, the curiosity factor for the premiere of New Beginnings will be at least high — it’s hard for it not to be after all the hype. It’s like attending a high-school reunion where you’re intrigued and curious right away. It’s only after the fact where things could start to get a little more uncertain — if the show still works, maybe viewers stick around.

The premiere will likely work but, as a certain someone said, the rest is still unwritten.

What do you think we should be expecting from The Hills: New Beginnings in terms of its performance? Be sure to share now in the comments. (Photo: MTV.)

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