The Bachelorette spoilers: Luke Parker, Tyler Cameron talk & more

Tyler CameronIn this particular The Bachelorette article, what we’re talking about here is almost a tale of two different extremes. We’re not sure that there are contestants who are more different from each other than Luke Parker and Tyler Cameron. One of them is among the most popular contestants in recent show history, and the other one is Luke. Let’s just leave it at that.

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In the first sneak peek below from Monday’s new episode, you can see Luke and Tyler being a part of a much larger conversation, seemingly on the same subject that we’ve seen rehashed on this show time and time again at this point — show ethics. What does this mean? We think it’s really so simple as what the guys expect from each other on some of these dates. This feels almost like Major League Baseball at this point with all of these unwritten rules, and it’s kind of frustrating to see this constantly regurgitated. Yet, we get it. Luke P. crossed a line with what he did to Luke S. and none of the other guys want to forget about it. They shouldn’t, since they’re afraid that Luke will sabotage their relationships with Hannah Brown and, because she’s clearly into Luke on some level, she may be inclined to take his side.

This is where “stay in your lane” comes into the equation — and this is probably the most relevant that phrase has been since the heyday of LaVar Ball. It’s a term that both Tyler and Luke reiterate when it comes to handling questions that Hannah may ask about the other guys — answer the question, but don’t dwell on it. Move forward and focus on your own relationship. This seems like a great way to keep the peace … but we also think there’s around a 0.0001% chance of the actual peace being kept throughout the entirety of this episode. This is just too chaotic a season with too many guys with big opinions who are willing to bust them out at just about every opportunity.

Now, more Luke drama

Does Luke break the “stay in your lane” mantra immediately in Latvia? The second sneak peek suggests that, largely because Hannah interrupts some of the guys because she wants to talk with him. What did he do? If we had to put on our detective cap, we’d say it has a thing or two to do with some blowback that may come from what happened between Hannah and Garrett on their date — we’ve already written about their scantily-clad bungee-jumping trip and we imagine that Luke may have some issues with that. From there, he may vocalize said issues and that leads to all sorts of conflict. (We know that Luke seems to want to control how Hannah behaves to some degree, judging from the already-infamous conversation that comes up later this season.)

Alas, the sneak peek ends before we see anything more … but since we know it’s unlikely that Luke leaves on Monday night, much of the tease of this preview rings a little bit hollow.

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