Big Little Lies season 2 episode 3 video: Could Bonnie actually die?

Big Little LiesAs we prepare for Big Little Lies season 2 episode 3, the promo below via HBO leaves us with a lot to think about.

Mind you, this promo is labeled “in the weeks ahead,” meaning that everything within here is setting up the remainder of the season. Yet, some of these events could be coming during the catastrophic “The End of the World,” an episode that could set the stage for further suspicion and chaos. Mary Louise is the focal point for much of this, largely because she is using her time in Monterey in order to be a borderline detective. She’s trying to get answers on what really happened to Perry in any way that she can — it mostly includes emotional manipulation, not that this should surprise anyone. She wants to get answers in any sort of form that she can, even if that includes making people uncomfortable. That’s the least that she can do since she has a really good reason to want to make people uncomfortable. She lost a son — she obviously doesn’t understand fully how horrible Perry is but even if she does, it’s still her son. She’s going to feel however she’s going to feel about him, regardless of right or wrong.

Perhaps the larger question worth wondering somewhere in the back of your head has to do with the status of Bonnie, given that there are multiple shots of the woman in the water. With the frequent focus on the waves, the rocks, and the violence of the coastline, we do still think it’s tied to some larger event still to come on the series — yet, some of what we’re seeing here could be misleading. The folks over at HBO clearly want us to think that Bonnie could take her own life by drowning in these waters, but we’re not sure that anything is a given here. We certainly wouldn’t be surprised, in fact, if this is intended to be a little bit of trickery to make us think that this is what is coming up in the story when in reality, the producers have a different action in mind. Someone could save Bonnie or she could come to her senses; then, something could end up happening to someone else. There are a lot of miserable people within this world who could turn suicidal; another option is someone decides that Mary Louise knows too much and is murdered.

Despite Monterey being such an idyllic community in so many ways, we have to imagine that there are more problems and peril coming up here before too long. Such is the way of this world, where each season likely necessitates its own even — even if it’s not the death of a major character.

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