Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 6 review: FitzSimmons’ weird & wonderful journey


After spending so much time waiting for a proper FitzSimmons reunion, Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 6 delivered the goods. We got to see the early days of the characters, their friendship, their back-and-forth, and also some of their darker edges. We went all the way back to Simmons’ childhood, and we also took a leap sideways towards the Framework and a little bit more of Evil Fitz at the same time.

This episode was wonderful, but it was also all sorts of messed up. What made it so wonderful? A lot of stems back to the performances, which were incredible as Fitz and Simmons did their best to deal with what we would best call a mental maze that the two needed to unravel. They had to follow some of the dots to get from their imprisonment to their desired endgame — which, in the mind of their captors, was a chance to go back to the past in order to salvage a planet that was destroyed. Time travel, in Fitz’s mind, wasn’t quite possible in this way.

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The hardest part about this episode, meanwhile, was trying to make sense of following the path of this mental maze and seeing whether or not this whole journey was going to prove in order to be a worthwhile one. What’s so weird about is that for the better part of this episode, it almost felt like the directive was secondary. Instead, it felt more like this was a personal journey. This was all about the two of them getting everything that was possibly on their chest off of it so that they could realize how important they each were to each other.

Who saved the day?

Think in terms of Enoch, who was the one who woke the two up from their imprisonment and rescued them out of the prison. at this point, they were transported away from their mental maze and into other pastures. Enoch remains a hero!

Oh, and we love the fact that Jemma told Fitz about being a grandfather seconds before they went away. It was such a small moment, but yet also a valuable one that will surely pay off in a fun way a little bit down the road this season. Basically, whenever we get an opportunity to actually see a reunion between all of these characters.

In the closing seconds, Mack got an update on the state of Fitz and Simmons from Daisy — he didn’t know about Enoch’s efforts just yet, but he did utter a funny line when he bet that the two of them had already broken out of their prison.

CarterMatt Verdict

Love sometimes is difficult. You see each other sometimes at your worst, but also at your best. Fitz and Simmons within this episode saw each other’s demons within themselves and then fought about it. This was a tough episode at times but a tremendous one.

Oh, and we should note that there were some funny moments in here as well. Did anyone think we’d see Evil Fitz and Evil Simmons making out with each other?

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