The Blacklist season 7 spotlight: Key questions for Aram Mojtabai

Aram -Aram Mojtabai has long been a favorite character of ours on The BlacklistHe’s just one of those people who’s so easy to root for! He’s a source of levity at times during hard missions, he shines a light on the importance of tech, and he’s a valuable friend to everyone when they need him. Yet, he’s entering season 7 in a not-so-great place. He’s lost the love of his life in Samar and while she’s still alive, he can’t pursue her. Meanwhile, his work continues with the Task Force and he’s coming out of a difficult saga pertaining to none other than President Robert Diaz.

So where does the story go from here for Amir Arison’s extraordinary character? Within this week’s The Blacklist season 7 spotlight, we present some questions that all Aram fans should be wondering.

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How is Aram feeling towards Reddington? Shortly after the departure of Samar from the team, we saw Aram on what is his version of a warpath — he was intent on getting back at Reddington for what he did helping her leave. Eventually, some of the tension cooled — but is it really gone forever? Samar was Aram’s great love and we can’t just imagine that any of this anger or sadness is going to go away completely.

How is Aram’s view of the world different? This is also something to think about in the wake of Samar’s exit. It’s almost a paradigm shift. Sure, Aram’s been hurt many times since the start of the series, but losing her is different than some of the hardships he’s faced before. It was that one thing that he felt like he had, someone stable and someone he could trust both in the office and out. Does this cause him to be more cynical and hardened to the rest of the world? He was at one point the bright light of the task force; now, you have to wonder if that light is starting to dim.

Will we see more of Aram out in the field? Based on where we are in the series right now, it feels almost like a guarantee. The Task Force is a little short-staffed these days, especially since Liz is often working in tandem with Reddington just as she is the FBI. Aram and Ressler could do a lot more working together, as could Aram with various Reddington associates if the situation calls for it. This is more Secret Agent Aram now than perhaps we’ve ever seen before.

Will Aram prove useful in the Katarina mystery? This is a show that has us questioning anything/everything under the sun, and Aram in some ways is the best resource we have for answering these questions. Think in terms of his ability to find information that is lost to anyone else. If Liz uncovers that Katarina is alive or learns something more about the mysterious Stranger, is Aram the right person to go to for research assistance? He may be able to hack his way (pun intended) through this mystery.

Is Aram going to find a new love interest? Personally, we don’t think so, at least in the early going. He’s probably still going to be hurting early on in season 7 and if they make a move with him too early, they end up diminishing the impact of Samar on his life. Maybe it’s an idea to explore near the end of season 7 (if it’s the final season) or in season 8. Whenever The Blacklist does end, we’d be game to see at least one more Samar appearance, if the show does want to determine that she is still key to his happily ever after. Aram doesn’t need someone to be happy, but we’ve also seen him find joy in his relationships. Maybe finding more joy elsewhere would be a worthy season 7 pursuit.

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