Love & Hip Hop Atlanta video: Mimi talks to Ty about Stevie J

LoveWant to see someone from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta wandering around in a forest of indecision? Then check out the sneak peek that CarterMatt has for you below from Monday night’s new episode.

In the video from Monday night’s new episode, Mimi does her best to try and figure out how to get through to Ty when it comes to Stevie J and a lot of the drama there. It’s drama that has spilled over already on to social media, and we’ve got a good indication that this is not going to be resolved right away. Heck, Mimi’s not even expecting that! She tells Ty that Stevie’s got a knack for getting under her skin, and really, we think that she’s trying her best to give her a dose of tough love. In her words, she wants Ty to ensure that Stevie isn’t the reason that their relationship falls apart.

Basically, she wants Ty to call Stevie J out, but in the end it seems like Mimi herself wants to take care of the problems herself and put the guy on blast. Will that actually work out? It’s hard to say since it depends on how receptive he is and if there’s the potential for a public feud to benefit anybody. That’s the problem with a lot of social-media internet drama. It’s basically like planting crops that end up producing fruit since everyone will be talking about you, media will be reporting on it and all of that can be quite fruitful — if someone thinks that perpetuating arguments publicly or making snide remarks is benefiting them, they’re going to keep doing it. Also, it’s impulse control — that’s what makes social media so dangerous since anyone can make a quick comment and if they rethink their decision to post it, it’s already out there all over the world at that point. That’s why people gotta think before they tweet because there’s no take backs.

So we’d like to think that the Stevie J drama is going to dissipate from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in the future, but we kinda doubt that it’s going to. The more likely scenario is that things will cool off for a while, heat up, and then cool off again. Hopefully, things cool off long enough that everyone can start to focus on some of the other stuff going on in their lives — like work, given that Ty’s obviously got a stressful job and being away so much can be difficult. Trying to lump some extra nonsense on top of it isn’t the sort of thing that anyone wants to deal with.

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