Snowfall season 3 cast, crew remember John Singleton

Snowfall season 2 episode 2Leading up to the season 3 premiere of Snowfall on FX next month, the cast and crew are taking a look back. John Singleton may no longer be with us, but the man remains a legend. His legacy will continue to move forward in the years to come, and his impact on this show is immeasurable. Singleton was an executive producer and sometimes-director on the series, and while it’s cynical in this business to look at the EP credit and think that it’s just vanity, it wasn’t here. John was actively involved in the show behind the scenes, even when he wasn’t a director. Sharing some of those memories is what this video below is all about.

Many of the actors on Snowfall are still in the early phases of their career, and what Singleton brought to many of them was a sense of wisdom. He helped to show them the bright lights and the big setbacks that could be coming their way in this business. Finding fame isn’t some straight line where you have a big hit, another big hit, and then three big hits later where now nobody can touch you. Everyone has their peaks and valleys; Singleton knew that. He found success at an early age and even still, he had his share of struggles. He’s someone who the cast could look to for advice.

Beyond John Singleton the movie-maker and the entertainment icon, there’s also John Singleton the man. There are fantastic stories all around him, whether it be about surprise trips to the Academy Awards or pushing the authenticity of South Central Los Angeles to the best of his ability. He wanted this world to feel real — it’s a part of his soul and the fabric of his DNA. That home-grown nature is what made Snowfall so appealing in the first place.

In the first two seasons, John paved the path and lit the torch; with his passing, it’s up to the producers, the cast, and all who remembered him to carry it. They have to think, within every single moment of every single season, what John Singleton would want. How he would interpret several moments on the show. They want to ensure that he is properly honored in ways that go beyond just this tribute video. He was a man about the work and about having his voice heard. Snowfall remains his voice; it remains his chance to continue to speak to viewers about this community and the issues that men and women come up against there. It’s a story of extremes, of drug use and violence, but it’s also a story of people.

For more on Snowfall and the road ahead for season 3, be sure to visit the link here. We’ll have more news leading to the premiere, but let’s remember one more time the legend status of John Singleton. We may not talk about it in every preview or review this season, but know that the man is still there. (Photo: FX)

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